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Do you find it difficult to change gears or are you hearing loud engine noises? We carry out professional car repairs for motorists in Lytham St Annes and Preston who need replacement clutches and exhaust systems. The garage services at Auto Expert Lytham inspect and fix all makes and models of vehicles, including Land Rover repairs for our local clientele. You can rely on our technicians to resolve common leaking exhausts and perform clutch repairs at unbeatable prices.



Clutch Repairs


Fully-functioning clutches are needed to distribute the power from the engine to the transmission and wheels. This allows Lytham St Annes and Preston clients to smoothly change gears for optimal acceleration. If you’re experiencing a problem with your clutch, we resolve poor vehicle performance with necessary car repairs.


The garage services we carry out helps Lytham St Annes and Preston clients with transparent, cost-effective clutch repairs for any type of car, including Land Rover repairs. Our fully-qualified technicians fix issues which can be identified by the following signs:


  • Difficulty in Changing Gears
  • Grinding or Rattling Sounds
  • Lack of Speed Once the Engine is Revved
  • Low Acceleration Due to Clutch Slips


Following thorough inspections, our garage services team complete car repairs or replacements to help you get safely back on the road.



Exhaust Systems


The main purpose of the exhaust is to increase your car’s performance, whilst removing fumes and limiting noises from the engine. If you notice you’re consuming more fuel than usual, the reason can be due to a leaking exhaust system. We recommend using our garage services for immediate car repairs, to prevent dangerous fumes affecting your health.


The technicians at Auto Expert Lytham St Annes are proficient at replacing exhausts for any vehicle, as part of our extensive car repairs. Motorists in Preston and the surrounding areas can benefit from complementary exhaust checks, together with quotes for Land Rover repairs too. All exhaust replacements come with a 12-month guarantee for unlimited mileage.


Lytham St Annes and Preston clients can spot faulty exhausts from the following warning signals:


  • Fuel Efficiency Problems – Leaks cause fumes to be retained, which affects the temperature of your engine. Car repairs stop this from decreasing your fuel efficiency
  • Vibrations – If you feel or hear vibrations from steering wheels and accelerators, this is likely to be caused by a leak
  • Engine Sounds – Loud noises from the engine signifies a fault, as exhaust systems are designed to reduce rumbling sounds

To speak to our garage services team about issues with your vehicle, including Land Rover repairs for Lytham St Annes and Preston motorists, call 01253 731 810.


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