Advantages of Professional Car Servicing Preston

Are you worried about the condition of your vehicle? We recommend investing in regular car servicing, which benefits our Preston motorists. To help you pass an MOT test and avoid expensive car repairs in the future, annual car servicing is the ideal solution. The garage services at Auto Expert Lytham aim to prolong the lifespan of any car, with Range Rover servicing and Land Rover repairs for our local clients too.



Benefits of Car Servicing


1. Promotes Roadworthy Vehicles

Regular car servicing allows Preston motorists to keep their vehicles in top condition, ensuring they are safe and roadworthy. The technicians at Auto Expert Lytham recommend bi-annual car servicing every 6 months and annual car servicing every 12 months. This applies to all makes and models of vehicles, including specialist Range Rover servicing.


If you encounter issues that require car repairs, Preston clients can schedule inspections at any time. We are proficient at fixing any car, from Volvo to Alfa Romeo and Land Rover repairs. Most signs of damage are clear, such as vibrating clutches, screeching brakes or loud engines. We understand that it is not always simple to spot the warning signals before it is too late. That’s why our car servicing experts are relied upon to check for problems on your behalf, like worn tyres, misaligned wheels, poor steering and suspension to name a few.


2. Prevents Long-Term Damage

The car servicing and Range Rover servicing packages we offer are designed to prevent Preston motorists from facing costly car repairs. Long-term damage can arise if problems are left unchecked, which can result in car breakdowns or specialised Land Rover repairs.


Our garage services team advise Preston drivers to check vehicles for the following before arranging periodic car servicing:


  • Ensure engines are sufficiently lubricated
  • Change oil filters on a regular basis
  • Assess the tread of tyres, which can be worn from age or wheel alignment issues
  • Keep tyres inflated at the correct pressure level


3. Highlights Issues Ahead of MOT Tests

Preston motorists can prevent post-MOT car repairs by getting their vehicle serviced beforehand. This includes scheduling Range Rover servicing or Land Rover repairs with our dedicated technicians. Nevertheless, car servicing and MOT tests are performed for different reasons:


  • Car servicing is based on the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer
  • MOT tests inspect how roadworthy your vehicle is, in compliance with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)


The garage services team at Auto Expert Lytham recommend annual car servicing to highlight problematic areas that can lead to MOT test failures.

To find out how our first-class garage services and car repairs can help motorists in Preston and the nearby area, call 01253 731 810.


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